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Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer

When people are charged with crimes, either misdemeanors or felonies, a feeling of hopelessness can set in. Some people feel that there's nothing to do and that life is over, while others worry about the cost of hiring an attorney.

It's important to realize that regardless of the crime, there are people out there to help.

As a Portland criminal defense lawyer, I am here to offer you my helping hand.

I am committed to bringing more than more than 15 years of experience to get your charges reduced or dismissed. From my Portland, Oregon, criminal defense law firm, it is my foremost goal to protect your rights.

Criminal Defense Attorney With More Than 15 Years of Experience

Because I have been defending clients against criminal charges for more than 15 years, I have the experience to handle your defense in almost any issue, including drug/DUII crimes, traffic violations, drug crimes, Ballot Measure 11 crimes, sex offenses, DMV issues and even college student crimes. When clients have contacted me soon after being charged, I have had substantial success in defending their rights and arriving at best possible outcomes.

I believe my strength is in finding creative solutions for criminal defense matters. While many lawyers won't take a case due to complexity, I willingly take on those types of cases and frequently find solutions that mitigate the consequences and often result in an outright dismissal of charges.

Because I understand that one of the biggest worries for someone facing criminal charges is the attorney's fees, I keep my prices as competitive as possible.

When you call me at 503-388-4325 or e-mail me, we will find out a time to sit down in a free initial consultation, so that I can give you an honest assessment about your case, and the time and cost of representation.