Are You Being Investigated?

If you’ve been contacted by the police in conjunction with a crime investigation, you may be shocked or intimidated. You may not know what they’re talking about, and even if you do, the situation can be confusing and even overwhelming. You may not be sure of your rights and may be worried if they can/will put you under arrest. These reactions are all understandable.

The most important thing to do in situations like these is to stay calm. If you are able to maintain your composure and contact a lawyer at your first opportunity, it’s going to make things a lot better for you most of the time.

Are You Being Investigated? Contact a Portland Attorney.

A lot of times, people aren’t really sure what the police are coming to talk to them about. Once the police make contact with them, they just freak out.

Many times, people are contacted because someone’s made a sexual allegation against them. Other times, they will be involved in an accident and people may say they left the scene of the accident. Other times, they may be involved or were near a bar fight and the police will call in regard to this.

If you are in any scenario remotely related to these situations, the reaction should always be to stay calm, quiet and call an attorney.

There are several other ideal practices to undertake if you are being investigated, as well. Never forget — your goal is to protect your rights.

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