Charged with domestic violence? How to protect yourself during the process

Some couples find themselves in relationships where they are constantly arguing with their significant others, and this can create a very unstable family environment. These individuals may not know what to do when more serious arguments arise, and in some cases, this may lead to allegations of domestic violence.

These allegations can rip a family apart, as police and prosecutors will be very aggressive in investigating these types of cases. Often, law enforcement officers will make an arrest in domestic violence cases, so offenders need to know how police handle these calls.

If officers are called to the scene, it is very important that the individuals understand that whatever is said can be used against later in court. These cases often hinge upon the evidence obtained at the time the alleged incidents were said to occur. Even if the person is simply trying to tell his or her side of the story, the evidence may be enough for police to make an arrest. When the officer begins asking questions, it is important that a person take steps to protect themselves at this time.

Once a person has been arrested for domestic violence in Oregon, there will be a no-contact order that is put in place. This means that the accused individual is not allowed to contact the victim in any manner. This includes in-person contact or any attempts made by electronic means. In many cases, this often leads to an individual having to move out of his or her home while the matter is pending, which can make things extremely difficult for parents. They may be unable to spend time with their children because of the no-contact orders.

A domestic violence conviction carries many penalties, which will depend upon the severity of the crime. Individuals may receive time in jail, and could lose any future visitation rights that they may have with their children. They could find themselves out of work, as many of these offenses could prevent the individuals from being able to pass a background check. Some offenders may even be forced to give up their firearms.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need to discuss your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can immediately begin providing you with the advice that you need to present a strong defense to these allegations. This may allow you to defeat these charges, and return again to a more normal way of life.