Ballot Measure 11 And Mandatory Minimum Sentences

In Oregon, certain crimes receive special attention and fierce penalties. Crimes that are particularly heinous and involve sex, violence or theft by physical force fall under Oregon’s Ballot Measure 11. This law places mandatory minimum sentences on all these crimes. For other crimes there is some leeway for the judge to give you a reduced sentence, but for Ballot Measure 11 crimes, if you are convicted, the judge must give you the mandatory minimum sentence.

If you are facing a Ballot Measure 11 crime, you need a Portland Ballot Measure 11 attorney with experience and skill to defend you from these charges so that you avoid conviction. I have 15 years of experience as an attorney. My law firm provides exceptional, personalized legal representation at competitive prices.

Harsher Sentences for Heinous Crimes

Oregon took a harsh stance against certain types of crimes, limiting their target crimes to only the more heinous crimes:

  • Violent crimes like manslaughter, assault and kidnapping
  • Theft crimes like robbery
  • Sex crimes like sodomy, rape, unlawful sexual penetration and sexual abuse

The most lenient of mandatory sentence for all these crimes is a little less than 6 years, others can be 10 years or longer. This means that if you are convicted of one of those crimes, the judge, by law, must give you a minimum of 10 years in prison.

If you are convicted of first degree manslaughter in Oregon, the judge must, by law, give you a minimum of 10 years in prison. Contact me today.


Measure 11 charges have their own unique challenges. Not only do the minimum mandatory sentences present a problem, but it is also challenging to get people released on custody pending the outcome of their cases. Because the Measure 11 crimes are so heinous, no judge wants to release someone, even if the case is pending.

I have the experience to help keep you out in the community while your Measure 11 charges are pending.

Experience with Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

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