Looking at the consequences of underage DUI charges

| Feb 17, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

When a driver of any age is accused of operating their vehicle while intoxicated due to alcohol or drug use, the charges are very serious. However, they can be especially damaging for certain people, such as a young person who has their entire life ahead of them. If you are a teen driver who was recently charged with drunk driving, or your child is facing charges over underage DUI allegations, it is critical to take a careful look at the details surrounding the case and approach these charges properly. In Portland, and all over Oregon, underage DUI charges can have short-term and long-term consequences for young drivers and their families.

When someone is charged with underage DUI, they may face a number of immediate consequences, from losing their driving privileges to costly financial penalties and even spending time behind bars. Moreover, some drivers do not realize that laws differ for drivers under the age of 21 with respect to drunk driving and that even a very small amount of alcohol in one’s system may put them above the legal limit.

On top of the immediate ramifications of these charges, which also include stress over court and damage to one’s reputation, these charges could wreak havoc years later. For example, someone may be unable to land a job they want because of their past. If you browse over to our law office’s page on drunk driving, you can go through more material that is interconnected with underage DUI charges and related topics.