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March 2018 Archives

Handling underage DUI charges as a parent

Raising a teenager can be challenging for various reasons, whether a parent has to help his or her child through problems with classmates or their performance in school. However, there are times when parenting can be especially tough, such as when a teen is charged with driving under the influence. Not only can this be an incredibly stressful time for the whole family, but a young person's future may be at stake. As a result, parents in Portland and across all of Oregon should make sure they help their child handle these charges properly.

The top six causes of wrongful convictions

Even with a lawyer, it is possible to be convicted of a crime that you did not commit. A mistake in the process can send an innocent victim to prison for years. Between modern surveillance and DNA evidence, how can a person be wrongfully committed in 2018? Here are the top six causes of wrongful convictions today.

What information should be in an appellate brief

You are unhappy with the verdict of your Oregon criminal trial, which came about because the judge allowed the prosecution to present evidence that should have been suppressed, because your attorney was not allowed to provide important evidence to the jury, or due to some other reason. The legal team at the law office of David J. Celuch has helped many people to create and file an appellate brief to take the case before the Oregon Court of Appeals.

How common is drunk driving?

When it comes to driving under the influence, there are a plethora of factors to take into consideration. Those who are charged with drunk driving may face all sorts of consequences, such as time behind bars, the loss of their driving privileges, financial penalties, and even a damaged reputation or problems finding work. As a result, it is essential for drivers to avoid getting behind the wheel if they have had too much. Unfortunately, people continue to find themselves in this position and it is important for those facing charges to carefully review their options.

Non-unanimous verdicts ignite controversy

Did you know that Oregon is one of only two states where crime convictions can happen with a non-unanimous jury verdict? This law, which failed to be overturned last fall, isn’t going anywhere soon. What is the origin of this law that is also practiced in Louisiana, what is involved with this type of conviction, and what are criticisms of it?

Accidentally driving while under the influence

Drunk driving charges carry a harsh stigma and when many people hear that someone was driving under the influence, they assume the worst. However, not everyone who is pulled over and accused of drunk driving was being reckless prior to being stopped by a law enforcement official. For example, some people have been falsely accused of DUI altogether. It is also important to point out that some people are charged with drunk driving even though they were not aware that they were over the legal limit. Unfortunately, these charges can present a number of serious consequences, even if the person accused of DUI was driving drunk on accident.

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