Memorial Day weekend and DUI charges

| May 4, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

People find themselves accused of driving under the influence at all times of year, but there are certain occasions when these charges are more likely, such as during a holiday weekend. With Memorial Day weekend around the corner, many people are planning on celebrating with friends and relatives. Sometimes, these celebrations involve alcohol, which can increase the likelihood of someone getting behind the wheel intoxicated (even accidentally, in some instances). Unfortunately, drunk driving carries harsh consequences that can have a long-term impact on those charged with this offense and their loved ones.

It is crucial to stay off the road after drinking, but you should also be careful to look over your options in the event that you are charged with DUI. When it comes to drunk driving, no two cases are identical. In fact, there could be certain details related to your case that could make a favorable outcome more likely, which highlights the benefits of an individualized approach. Our law office understands that people may find themselves facing these charges for many reasons, even if they had no intentions of driving over the legal limit. For example, at a family party you may not be aware of the amount of alcohol that was in a particular drink being served.

If you or someone in your family has been charged with drunk driving, make sure to approach this situation cautiously, since so much is at stake. To read more, our DUI page has info on protecting your future when charged with driving drunk.