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Why is attention to detail so important when filing an appeal?

Going through a criminal trial in Oregon has been emotionally and mentally challenging. If an issue arose with the presentation of evidence, you may have felt devastated as you watched your case fall apart. In this case, you may naturally believe that if your trial had been fair, you would have prevailed, and so you prepare to file an appeal with the Oregon Court of Appeals.

What to do after an unfavorable appeal outcome

If your loved one has been convicted of a crime they did not commit, then you will do whatever it takes to help them get out of prison. It can be devastating after two to four years of waiting through the direct appeal process to find out you were turned down. Fortunately, if the Oregon Court of Appeals did not agree with your loved one’s appeal, then there are other options for relief.

Clearing your criminal record through expungement

If you are worried about how your criminal record will affect your life in Oregon, you may have done some research on expungements in hopes of reducing some of the long-term consequences. At the law firm of David J. Celuch, we understand that although applying for an expungement can be complex, for many people it is a life-changer.

The link between race and wrongful convictions

A mistake in the crime investigation process can lead to serious consequences for a defendant, especially in Oregon where capital punishment is legal. An error can result in a conviction that steals decades away from an innocent person, if not worse. Not all wrongful convictions are due to errors. Some result from racial bias and discrimination.

Alleged DUI crash kills 5-year old

Few (if any) people in Portland go out thinking that they will end up attempting to drive drunk. Yet oftentimes, they may place themselves in situations where they feel as though they have no choice. There may be no malice intended in their actions; rather, they may simply be looking to return home safely. Unfortunately, whatever level of impairment they may be experiencing may not make that possible. The hope, then, is that if they are involved in an accident, no one else suffers due their decisions. 

A fatal mistake: Wrongful death penalty convictions

A wrongful death penalty conviction is a tragic, yet very real possibility for people living in Oregon. Capital punishment is legal in Oregon and often a contentious subject. It can only be applied to cases involving aggravated murder charges. Wrongful convictions are estimated to make up six percent of the prison population, and are certainly no exception for capital cases.

A closer look at license revocation and reinstatement

When people in Oregon get behind the wheel, they are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their passengers and other motorists. Their committment to driving safely can help them prevent unnecessary accidents from happening due to recklessness, carelessness, distraction or fatigue. However, in circumstances where people fail to make appropriate and responsible decisions while driving, their privilege could be swiftly revoked until they can demonstrate that they have changed and paid the consequences for their irresponsible behavior. 

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