Alleged DUI crash kills 5-year old

| Jul 14, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Few (if any) people in Portland go out thinking that they will end up attempting to drive drunk. Yet oftentimes, they may place themselves in situations where they feel as though they have no choice. There may be no malice intended in their actions; rather, they may simply be looking to return home safely. Unfortunately, whatever level of impairment they may be experiencing may not make that possible. The hope, then, is that if they are involved in an accident, no one else suffers due their decisions. 

Sadly, that was the case when a Philomath mother allegedly made that very choice. In the car with her were her eight-year old and five-year old daughters. While investigators have yet to reveal the circumstances of her accident, it is known that she was involved in a horrific crash in which both she and her older daughter were seriously injured. The youngest girl was not so lucky; she was killed in the accident. Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident; they have also arrested the mother and charged her with both manslaughter and driving under the influence. 

The claim that one has already been punished enough may be viewed by most as being an over-used cliche. It should also certainly not be cited as an excuse for one to avoid any criminal charges that his or her actions may have indeed warranted. At the same time, one may view cases like this and surmise that those responsible may indeed be suffering even without yet having received a criminal sentence. In such a situation, one may need an advocate to help fight for an outcome that will not compound his or her anguish even further. A criminal defense attorney may be such an advocate.