Enhanced patrols watching for impaired Oregon drivers in August

| Aug 1, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Because alcohol metabolizes in the body at different rates, a person who feels fine may get behind the wheel only to become increasingly impaired. Law enforcement in Oregon watches for weaving, inconsistent speeds and other signs that a driver is not in full control of the vehicle. How well the authorities are able to enforce DUII laws often depends on issues such as traffic, budgets and how many officers are available.

Patch.com reports that the sheriff’s department in Washington County has stepped up efforts to arrest drivers who are impaired. A spokesman for the county points to the high number of alcohol-related traffic deaths as the reason for the increase in the number of patrols. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gathers this data each year. Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, the state’s Department of Transportation and the NHTSA have helped to make the extra patrols possible.

The results of the enhanced patrols conducted by sheriff’s deputies in June included 65 drivers who were alcohol-impaired, as well as 13 people arrested for driving while impaired by drugs. The July 4th holiday, including the day before and the day after, saw 22 drivers arrested. The high visibility enforcement patrols will continue during the month of August. 

A DUII arrest does have consequences, but charges do not always lead to a conviction, particularly if careful investigation of the facts surrounding the arrest reveals improper procedure or other issues. However, even the consequences of a conviction may be minimized. Many people find that with the help of a DUI attorney, they are able to get back to their lives much quicker than they imagined.