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Understanding what a vacated conviction means for you

If you have been convicted of a crime in Oregon, your punishment and the sentence you are required to serve will vary drastically depending on the nature of your offense and the conditions surrounding it. Once you have paid your dues, you face an uncertain future as you work toward regaining your independence and living your life outside of prison. At David J. Celuch, we have helped many convicted criminals to work past their crimes to have the best opportunity at living a successful life. 

Field sobriety testing in Oregon

Many of those that come to us here at the office of David J. Celuch following a DUI arrest in Portland say that they were surprised how their encounters with law enforcement played out. You might assume that a DUI stop consists of a simple breath test measurement and then your arrest or release (depending on the results of that test). However, before arresting you for DUI, officials must first have probable cause to suspect that you are indeed intoxicated. That probable cause often comes from observations made during field sobriety tests. 

Can I receive an expungement in Oregon?

A criminal conviction weighs heavy on everyone, especially on young adults with a long future ahead of them. With that in mind, most adults are afraid of the possible damage a criminal history will have on their education, career or even housing.

The results of taking a field sobriety test and of refusing it

Oregon law enforcement officers cannot just pull drivers over, order them to walk in a straight line, wave a flashlight back in forth in front of their faces, and determine that they are drunk. The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests must be administered in a certain way to be admissible as evidence in court. 

Why do judges make mistakes?

Receiving an unfair verdict in an Oregon courtroom may result from a lack of evidence, or from a false witness. However, it is possible that the judge in your case made a mistake. How does this happen?

Innocent inmates face challenges when adapting to freedom

David Robinson spent almost two decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. David was on track to spend a lifelong sentence in prison as an innocent man. Readers of our blog will know that he was released after a Missouri judge decided that the evidence against him was unreliable and the lead detective purposefully suppressed facts in his case.

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