Can I receive an expungement in Oregon?

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A criminal conviction weighs heavy on everyone, especially on young adults with a long future ahead of them. With that in mind, most adults are afraid of the possible damage a criminal history will have on their education, career or even housing.

Luckily, you can set aside specific convictions or arrests from your record through the expungement process. The process is possible in Oregon and is easily obtainable if you meet the qualifications and keep your record clean.

What qualifies for expungement?

Each state has personal guidelines for the expungement process. In Oregon, the court will not set aside any convictions relating to traffic offenses, including DUIs or speeding citations. They will also reject expungements for most violent crimes and sex convictions.

However, Oregon classifies most misdemeanors, class C felonies, class B felonies and drug violations as eligible for expungement. Regarding marijuana offenses, Oregon is expanding the availability of expungements for those convictions since the decriminalization of recreational marijuana.

If people are interested in deleting convictions or cleaning their record, they must:

  • Not committed another criminal offense for the last ten years
  • Not arrested in at least three years
  • Not filing for an expungement for at least ten years
  • Paid all fees
  • Filed the proper documentation with the court

Along with the qualifications, you have to wait at least three years from your date judgment or one year for non-conviction records to apply for the expungement process.

It’s vital that people searching for an expungement of a class A or B felony that involved a person or the use of a firearm have an extended waiting period. They may apply for expungement after 20 years from the date of conviction or release from imprisonment.

How do I apply?

You can work by yourself or with an attorney to file a motion to expunge your criminal conviction. With the filing, you will have to pay an $80 fee to the Oregon Department of State Police for a background check. There also additional costs through the court system – the current estimates is almost $300.

If you have questions about the complete expungement process, visit the Oregon Courts website to learn more. It will also be in your interest to know as much as possible about the details of your conviction before heading back to court.