DUI charges and your teen’s reputation

| Oct 27, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Drunk driving charges can shatter someone’s reputation in many ways, whether their friends and loved ones no longer look at them in the same way or they are unable to find work in a field because of their record. When a teenager is charged with DUI, their reputation may also be shattered, and this could haunt them years down the road when they are trying to get into college or apply for a job, for example. If your teen has been accused of drunk driving, it is essential for you to help them through this difficult time.

A young person’s future could be adversely affected by these charges in multiple ways, such as trying to get into college. It can also affect their current school performance as well, which may result in poorer grades and other challenges due to their drunk driving case. For example, high levels of stress and the loss of driving privileges could get in the way of school.

You should help your teen go over their legal options and figure out how to properly handle this situation. We understand that you may be very upset with your teen, but it is important for you to help them protect their future as a parent. Sometimes, underage drunk driving cases can be very unique, such as those which involve a very small amount of alcohol due to zero tolerance laws, for example. As a result, underage DUI cases can be complex and there may be different factors which could affect your teen’s case.