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November 2018 Archives

Encouraging your teenager not to drink and drive

While your family may enjoy celebrating a special occasion with a few drinks, recognizing which situations are appropriate for this type of celebration is imperative to your ability to set a good example for your teenage children. At David J. Celuch Oregon Defense Lawyer, we have helped educate parents on the danger of underage drinking and underage DUI in Oregon. 

Why do death row appeals take so long?

The death sentence is one of the most controversial sentences a court in Oregon can hand down. When a judge applies this sentence to a case, he or she does it with the utmost care. After all, the judge is sentencing a person to be put to death, which is never an easy thing to do. However, you may know that even when a person gets the death sentence, it is not likely that he or she will actually see that sentence carried out.

Knowing your rights can help you land a job after incarceration

Getting a job is one of the most important things to do to get back on your feet after being incarcerated, but it can be a challenging step for many people. A criminal record decreases a person’s chances of receiving a job offer or being called back by about 50 percent, according to a Harvard study. However, Oregon’s Ban-the-Box statute aims to make the hiring process a fairer one for job applicants statewide.

Drunk driving during the winter

For some people, the winter months are difficult due to poor weather and a sense of boredom. Some may drink more during this potentially difficult season and, unfortunately, this can lead to drunk driving accidents and DUI charges. When winter weather arrives, driving can be difficult for those who are sober, let alone those who are under the influence of alcohol. As a result, it is crucial to be mindful of these issues and the potential consequences that drivers may face if they decide to operate a vehicle during the winter while under the influence of alcohol.

Eligibility requirements for Oregon Diversion

If you have been arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense in Oregon, you will logically want to understand your defense options. A conviction for driving under the influence of intoxicants can be something you want to avoid and the state's program called Diversion may present with you the ability to avoid this conviction.

Oregon man’s conviction reviewed for lack of deportation advice

In 2012, police arrested Javier Garcia-Navarro, a legal resident, on drug trafficking charges. He pled guilty because his attorney told him that it was his best chance at probation. The attorney said that if he only got probation, immigration officials may not flag his case. If the judge sentenced him to prison after trial, however, the sentence “essentially guaranteed” deportation.

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