Encouraging your teenager not to drink and drive

| Nov 28, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

While your family may enjoy celebrating a special occasion with a few drinks, recognizing which situations are appropriate for this type of celebration is imperative to your ability to set a good example for your teenage children. At David J. Celuch Oregon Defense Lawyer, we have helped educate parents on the danger of underage drinking and underage DUI in Oregon. 

In developing their habits and ideas of which situations are appropriate for drinking, your teenage children will undoubtedly look to you for guidance. Often, their inquiries will be addressed by merely watching you and what you choose to do. You can set a good example by always drinking responsibly and discussing the dangers of driving under the influence with your children. If you are suspicious of your child’s behavior or of his or her involvement with alcohol, take initiative to set boundaries that will provide protection and support. 

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, many teenagers view drinking as a trendy and grown-up way of celebrating their accomplishments. Your involvement in your child’s successes can discourage him or her from participating in behavior that could potentially be careless or dangerous. You could help your child plan an evening out with their friends to visit a nice restaurant or you could even suggest a lively house party where you can actively supervise the activities taking place. 

When you take active efforts to educate your children about the importance of being responsible, waiting until the appropriate age to drink and always refraining from the temptation to drive under the influence, you can help to protect their future and encourage them to help their friends to behave responsibly as well. For more information about underage DUI, visit our web page.