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January 2019 Archives

Understanding how an ignition interlock device can benefit you

When you are facing charges of driving under the influence in Oregon, the consequences you will face depend on the severity of your offense and how committed you are to change your bad habits. At David J. Celuch, we have helped represent many people who are accused of driving drunk as they work through the legal consequences of their actions. 

What are plea deals, why do DAs offer them and are they ethical?

Plea bargains are much more common than you might think, accounting for 90 percent of the outcomes of all criminal cases in America. Many countries do not allow them as they consider them unethical and immoral, but as the numbers indicate, America favors them over all other settlement methods. If you are like many people in Oregon, you may wish to better understand what plea bargains are, why DAs use them and who they benefit. FindLaw details that information in depth.

FBI photo analysis techniques may be unreliable in criminal cases

Study results are unraveling the credibility of long-used FBI photo-analysis techniques used to connect suspects to cases. Investigators take photos at crime scenes then send them to an FBI laboratory where the pictures are analyzed down to minute details for evidence or facial identification to connect perpetrators to crimes. These methods may be much more unreliable than assumed.

What are your rights as a felon looking for work?

If you have a felony conviction on your record, you know better than most just how difficult it is to find gainful employment post release. However, to get back on your feet and to support yourself and possibly your family, you need to find a decent and well-paying job. How can you do that if employers immediately concern themselves with your criminal history? Fortunately, Oregon's Ban the Box protects felons by disallowing employers from asking about applicants' criminal records on applications.

Parental involvement can play a role in reducing underage DUI

When parents of teenagers begin to experience their child's desire to test the limits of what is allowed, they are often faced with the challenge of protecting their children without preventing them from learning some valuable lessons on their own. While parents in Oregon cannot control everything their children do, they can positively influence their choices by working hard to provide them with education about how individual choices have inevitable consequences. 

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