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Month: February 2019

Should you trust a designated driver?

If you are like a number of other Oregon citizens, you may unwind by going out for drinks with friends or attending a party. You may even plan ahead by designating a driver to stay sober throughout the evening, so that he or she may drive the others safely home. Yet,...

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Driving while slightly impaired

When many people think about alcohol and driving, they may envision someone who is over the legal limit and has consumed a number of drinks. However, it is important to keep in mind that many people drive while they are slightly impaired. Even though they may not be...

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The lifelong cost of a conviction

A criminal conviction comes with a higher cost than many people realize. There are the obvious penalties like potential prison time and hefty fines. Convictions also carry a stigma that can last years or even your entire lifetime. Here are a few effects of that extra...

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