Is there any benefit to accepting a plea deal?

| Mar 12, 2019 | Appeals |

If you have been convicted of a crime in Oregon and are facing serious charges that could potentially result in your imprisonment for a significant length of time, you may be trying to do anything you can to lessen the consequences you are facing. In your efforts to put yourself in the best possible position, you have been looking into the possibility of accepting a plea bargain. 

Plea deals are surrounded by controversy but can provide you with valuable benefits if you are allowed the chance to accept such an agreement. Often, accepting a plea deal means you are agreeing to plead guilty to a portion of the charges you are facing under the agreement that prosecutors will lessen or drop other charges. A successful outcome may mean you will not face as serious of consequences or as long of a prison sentence in exchange for accepting the deal. 

According to Cornell Law School, your agreement to plead guilty to some of the charges you are facing may not be the only requirement before your other charges are lessened or dropped if that is what the court decides. You may also be required to stand as a witness in other court cases where your familiarity with the defendant could help to convict them. Another important fact to note is that the agreement you make with the prosecutors will function as a legal contract. Your inability or unwillingness to comply with the terms will void the agreement and the prosecutors who made the deal with you are no longer under any obligation to maintain their end of the agreement. 

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.