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Wrongfully accused? You might be able to file an appeal.

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Most people understand there are consequences for their actions. You probably know that if you break the law, you will likely have penalties.

However, do you ever think about what happens when someone suffers a penalty for an action they did not take? And whether there should be penalties for a punishment which was unmerited?

Can a court overturn a decision?

In some cases, you might believe that a conviction was unjust. Or perhaps you feel that a court’s punishment did not fit the conviction. However, for many people who are wrongfully convicted, the appellate process might help them regain their freedom.

In matters of criminal convictions, you may have grounds to appeal a court’s ruling if you believe:

  • The court abused its discretion
  • Your legal representation was ineffective
  • The court made an error
  • Evidence did not support the court’s verdict

As science and technology evolve, your ability to provide further evidence to support your case might increase.

Recent $21 million settlement for man who was wrongfully imprisoned

A court sentenced Craig Coley to life in prison without parole when he was accused of killing his former girlfriend and her son. However, 37 years later, his conviction was overturned when DNA evidence proved his innocence.

Coley notes that no amount of money will make up for all he has lost. However, his settlement may help him enjoy the years to come. If you question the validity of your conviction, Coley’s case might give you hope for your chances of an appeal.