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Drunk driving charges following the birth of a child

For new parents, life can be challenging for all sorts of reasons. Taking care of an infant can be difficult at times, whether a parent struggles with losing sleep or they face high levels of stress. Unfortunately, some parents may be more likely to make poor decisions while they are under high levels of stress. For example, someone may accidentally take to the road even though they are over the legal limit, without even realizing that they are driving drunk. For parents in this position, DUI charges can be terrifying for countless reasons.

Drunk driving charges and your finances

DUI charges can shatter someone’s life in numerous ways, whether they lose their ability to drive, spend time behind bars, face challenges in their marital relationship, experience other problems in their family or even lose friends. However, the financial toll of DUI charges can be devastating. Not only can these allegations result in costly fines, but some people may suffer from a financial point of view for other reasons. For example, someone may lose their job due to their drunk driving case, or they may be unable to find work (especially if a clean driving record is required).

Medford accident sends state trooper to hospital

A common assumption to make about those who are arrested for driving under the influence in Portland is that they are reckless and irresponsible and have little regard for the safety of others. Yet what is often overlooked in the scenarios are the motivations which may have prompted one to get behind the wheel after drinking in the first place. In some cases, they may have felt lucid enough to safely drive themselves home. In others, the decision to drive drunk might be indicative of an issue one may have with alcoholism. In any event, a rush to judgment over a person's character due to a single alleged decision should be avoided. 

DUI charges and dealing with negative emotions

Drunk driving charges can lead to many hardships in someone’s life, from losing their ability to drive to problems with friends and family members. Some people may even spend time behind bars and the financial ramifications of these cases can be significant. However, the emotional side of drunk driving cases should not be overlooked, and the various emotional hardships that many people struggle with (such as depression, anxiety and anger) can lead to other issues in life. As a result, it is pivotal to handle DUI cases properly and find healthy ways to address the emotional toll of this difficult situation as well.

A court may reverse a decision years after your conviction

If a judge sentenced your loved one to time in prison, you may think that is the worst thing that could happen to them. With their freedom removed from them, and seemingly having their rights restricted, it may seem as though there is no hope. Unfortunately, for some inmates, matters get worse due to the dynamics of those around them during incarceration.

Identifying prejudice

There are so many elements that go into a criminal trial in Portland that one might easily question how it can be claimed that a fair trial is possible. An old saying exists that posits that justice is blind, implying that it should only be influenced by what is presented in the course of a trial. Yet external elements (or even certain arguments made as part of a trial) can influence that expected impartiality. When searching for the grounds on which to launch an appeal of a criminal conviction, one might be wise to examine their trial to see if such influences might have introduced prejudice into the proceedings. 

DUI charges over Memorial Day weekend

People are pulled over for drunk driving throughout the year, but there are certain times when these allegations are especially prevalent, such as on holidays. With Memorial Day around the corner, many people plan to celebrate the holiday weekend with loved ones. These celebrations may involve traveling to another part of the country, barbecuing with family members, and there may be some drinking involved as well. Unfortunately, some people get behind the wheel after having a few drinks, which can lead to DUI charges that completely unravel their lives.

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