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Drunk driving charges following the birth of a child

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Drunk Driving |

For new parents, life can be challenging for all sorts of reasons. Taking care of an infant can be difficult at times, whether a parent struggles with losing sleep or they face high levels of stress. Unfortunately, some parents may be more likely to make poor decisions while they are under high levels of stress. For example, someone may accidentally take to the road even though they are over the legal limit, without even realizing that they are driving drunk. For parents in this position, DUI charges can be terrifying for countless reasons.

Whether a parent is worried about how a drunk driving case could affect their ability to have custody of their child, or they are concerned about how their reputation will be affected by the charges, this can be an incredibly tough spot to find one’s self in. DUI charges may also take away a parent’s ability to drive, which can turn their life upside down (such as difficulty getting to work or doctor appointments, for example).

For new parents facing financial difficulties, the consequences of a drunk driving case may be particularly disruptive. Aside from fines and penalties, parents may also face career problems which affect them from a financial point of view. If you are dealing with any of these hurdles or have concerns about your future after being pulled over for DUI as a new parent, you should be sure to carefully review your case and certain legal options you may have. Handling this case properly is important for you as well as your child.