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Addressing criminal convictions in a job interview

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2019 | Post-conviction Relief |

For many convicted criminals in Oregon, facing a lifetime of guilt for the mistakes they made that landed them in trouble, is not the only consequence of their actions that they face. Once released after having served all of the legal consequences recommended by the courts, criminals face a unique set of challenges as they work to rebuild their reputation and create a successful life for themselves outside of prison walls. 

One of the difficulties they may encounter is juggling their criminal history with their efforts to get a job that will enable them to live comfortably without relying on other people. While many employers will hire previously convicted criminals with a few contingencies, reports that nearly 46 percent of surveyed employers said that their interviews include some type of question related to an applicant’s criminal past. Additionally, 73 percent acknowledged that they conduct a criminal background check on applicants looking for a job at their organization. recommends that job seekers with a criminal past make the decision to be forthright in discussing their criminal past in an interview if they are asked questions about it. Their efforts to be honest about what had happened is something that could be viewed by potential employers as something positive and commendable. Likewise, previously convicted criminals may benefit from using their interview as an opportunity to highlight the changes they have made in their life and to show that they are motivated to make their life better. They may also choose to talk about how their past and the lessons they have learned will aid in their ability to make a difference in the workplace.