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What can you do after a failed appeal?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Post-conviction Relief |

A failed appeal may not be the end of your defense in Oregon. The law allows people who have a variety of circumstances to get a chance to file for something called post-conviction relief. It would take a specific analysis to determine whether you could be eligible for this option.

Generally speaking, however, anyone who failed an appeal could potentially benefit from this option. Your imprisonment could even end depending on the outcome of your efforts. Here are some more details along with some common situations that form the basis of these actions.

If the court made mistakes in your case, it could be their responsibility to fix them. you are entitled to a full and complete defense without impediment by the legal system.

Oregon law recognizes number of ways in which the system might have failed you. For example, a state prosecutor may have acted unethically while pursuing a conviction. You may have had an incompetent lawyer. You may have even been denied some of your basic human rights, perhaps by being held illegally during the trial or the appeal.

The link between some of these situations and an unfavorable outcome for an appeal is clear. For example, getting ineffective counsel from a lawyer would probably reduce your chances of a successful appeal. Others, however, may require a more robust argument if you want to provide adequate proof to the court that the system’s failings resulted in the outcome of your trial.

If you would like to have another chance at freedom, then this might be the best option for you. However, every case is different. Please think of this only as general information. Do not use it as any kind of specific legal advice.