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Drunk driving charges and inclement weather

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Drunk Driving |

When the roads are covered in snow or ice is present, driving can be very difficult. However, there are other concerns that may arise with regard to getting behind the wheel during inclement weather. For example, traffic violations such as speeding or failing to stop may be of great concern to many drivers. Some may even be pulled over for suspected drunk driving because they were behaving erratically on the road, even though this behavior may have been linked to the bad weather (and one’s lack of familiarity with driving when conditions are poor).

In some cases, people are falsely accused of driving drunk. From rare issues such as auto-brewery syndrome to more common factors, such as using mouthwash prior to being pulled over, many people have a hard time defending themselves when they fail test that measures their blood alcohol content level. Furthermore, it should also be noted that those who drive during bad weather after drinking may be more likely to cause an accident or be pulled over by a law enforcement official, so always stay safe when bad weather is present and do not drive after drinking.

People who are facing drunk driving charges often have many hoops to jump through and the case can affect their lives significantly. If any aspects of a drunk driving arrest could impact the case, such as the way in which a sobriety test was conducted or a driver being falsely accused of driving while under the influence, those facing charges should not hesitate to thoroughly review all of their legal rights.