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Oregon school bus crash results in DUI charges

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Drunk Driving |

A 20-year-old school bus driver in Washington County, Oregon, is on administrative leave after allegedly skidding off the shoulder of the road and crashing in a ditch last Wednesday morning. Authorities arrested him on a charge of DUI-controlled substance. Though his initial jail stay lasted only a few hours, the school district is now requiring him to submit to drug testing in addition to suspending him.

At the time of the crash, the bus contained 10 students, ages 10 to 16, as well as a school bus aide. Fortunately, no one in the accident sustained any injury, although screams from the students are audible on surveillance video that law enforcement released to the public. A 13-year-old student who was riding the bus called 911.

A doorbell video shows the bus skidding along the highway shoulder at a tilted angle before the crash. Authorities found the school bus in a ditch upon arriving at the scene. They handcuffed and arrested the driver on DUI charges, claiming potential impairment. Authorities did not specify which substance they suspect in the crash but did state that they did not believe alcohol to be a factor.

It is not clear how long the young man had been driving a school bus prior to the crash. Nevertheless, the school district is now discussing a new screening process for bus drivers in the wake of the accident.

According to authorities, the bus driver is cooperating with their investigation. A conviction on DUI could result in the suspension of a commercial driver’s license, affecting one’s future job prospects. Those facing charges of driving under the influence in a personal or commercial vehicle may wish to speak with an attorney.