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How will a DUI affect my employment opportunities in Oregon?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

A criminal conviction of any kind can have serious consequences for your career. A DUI conviction will remain on your permanent record and potentially impact your job eligibility, as it will appear on a standard background check. However, it is beneficial that you live in Oregon, because of the “ban the box” law. This law increases opportunities for those with criminal records and may open doors that would remain closed in other states.

What is the “ban the box” law?

The state of Oregon prohibits employers from including a checkbox asking about a criminal history on job applications. It is unlawful under the “ban the box” law to ask about criminal convictions before the initial interview.

The law applies to Oregon employers with more than 6 employees. However, there are some exceptions to the law based on the job you are applying for, including law enforcement jobs, jobs that deal directly with children and vulnerable adults and more.

What this means for you

Essentially, it means that you will get the chance to meet the hiring manager and present your professional qualifications instead of losing your shot because of one box on the application. Employers may lawfully ask about any criminal convictions at the initial interview and will likely perform a background check later. However, it’s possible for your relevant work experience and the personal connection you make at the interview to mitigate the stigma of a criminal record, especially if the conviction was a long time ago.

A DUI will impact your future employment, but it doesn’t have to derail it.