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Month: March 2020

Tests used in court may not be reliable

Courts in Oregon and throughout the United States are only supposed to rely on evidence that is considered to be reliable. However, research has shown that many psychological and IQ tests that are admitted into evidence are inaccurate or based on junk science. A study...

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Are public defenders worth your time?

Facing criminal charges can be frightening for anyone. If it happens to you, you'll want to have a strong defense. However, some people may try to save some money by using a public defender. While doing so could be easier on your wallet, like many things in life, you...

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The power of writ

By United States law, every citizen has the right to a free and fair trial. Yet you may have had your day in court and felt that your attorney made mistakes when defending you. Or you may have faced a judge who presided with partiality, determined to rule against you...

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