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Common types of domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Individuals in Oregon and other parts of the U.S. are growing increasingly aware that domestic abuse can occur in several different forms. Whether the patterns are physical, emotional or come in another form, abuse cycles often start with controlling behaviors that get worse over time. An abusive partner may use oppressive patterns to assert their control over the victim.

The most recognized form of domestic abuse is physical abuse. This abuse form may include acts of aggression such as damaging personal property, hitting, kicking, strangulating or slapping the victim. In some instances, physical abuse may involve the use of weapons as a tactic to intimidate the victim into submission.

Emotional abuse may sometimes lead to physical abuse later on. This type of abuse occurs whenever an individual seeks to control their partner by shaming, humiliating, insulting, blaming, isolating or controlling them. Some emotional abuse perpetrators will attempt to control what the partner does or where they go.

Sexual abuse refers to a broad category of behaviors that are performed without the victim’s consent. This form of abuse may include forcing a partner to engage in sexual activities with others, physically hurting the partner during intercourse or coercing a partner to have sex when they’re too afraid to disagree. In some instances, a sexual abuser may coerce a partner to engage in sexual activity without the use of protective measures such as birth control.

Domestic abuse comes in a variety of forms. For individuals who are victims of any type of abuse, the situation may not be hopeless. Whenever an individual suffers physical, emotional, sexual, technological or financial abuse, a domestic violence attorney may be able to find a creative legal solution to help.