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California men face multiple drug crimes in Oregon for fentanyl

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Allegations of drug crimes related to opioids are gaining significant attention in Oregon and throughout the United States. Opioids are often linked to heroin, but more and more, people are facing charges because of fentanyl. Fentanyl is a schedule II drug. Despite Oregon considering a relaxation of certain penalties for drug possession if a person has a limited amount, those who have higher amounts will still be arrested for drug charges and face the possibility of harsh penalties. One recent case involved two California men whose car was stopped by law enforcement and fentanyl was found.

Two 20-year-olds arrested for possession of fentanyl

A late-morning traffic stop was made by a state police officer shortly before noon. The two men inside the 2014 Toyota Camry were 20-years-old. The reason for the stop was due to a lane and seatbelt violation. The officer claimed there was probable cause to conduct a search of the vehicle and found more than six pounds of fentanyl pills hidden in the trunk and in the backseat. The two were arrested on multiple drug charges including unlawful delivery and unlawful possession.

Understanding the possible penalties for drug charges is essential

Being arrested for drug violations can bring a litany of legal and personal challenges that must be considered when formulating a defense. This is especially true for people who are younger and have their whole lives ahead of them. Jail time and fines are possibilities. In addition, if there are felony drug charges and a conviction on a person’s record, it can cause problems when trying to be accepted into a school, get into the military and be hired for various jobs.

Crafting a defense is critical

Although the charges these two young men face are serious, there are viable strategies to avoid the worst consequences and achieve a favorable outcome. Perhaps the investigation did not follow police protocol and the evidence can be called into question. There might be alternatives for a plea bargain. Or the men could have a reasonable chance at acquittal once the case is assessed. Since they are from California, it is wise to have a legal defense from legal professionals based in Oregon. Consulting with a firm that understands drug crimes in the state could be beneficial to dealing with the charges.