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Man faces drug charges for selling heroin, methamphetamine

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Potential changes are being discussed with how drug crimes are dealt with in Oregon. In the coming months, the decision will be made whether those who have illegal drugs in their possession for personal will face criminal penalties. Treatment may be a more viable alternative. However, those selling drugs are still vulnerable to harsh consequences if they are convicted. If the allegations occur near a school, there will be enhanced penalties. Still, people who are arrested could have workable strategies to combat the worst punishments. It is important to understand that from the start.

Man charged with selling heroin and methamphetamine near school

A man, 63, is facing several charges related to selling drugs. Since it was close to a middle school, the charges are worse than they would otherwise be. According to law enforcement, the man had been under investigated for several months. When he was arrested, a significant amount of heroin and methamphetamine was found.

He had at least $300 in cash and there were records of apparent drug transactions. Because the distance from the school was less than 1,000 feet and he was distributing controlled substances, there are two extra charges along with the possession charges. He has had run-ins with the law in the past and was previously convicted for selling methamphetamine and for DUI drugs.

Facing the challenges of a drug arrest

Being arrested for selling drugs carries with it the possibility of incarceration, fines and a negative perception from friends, neighbors and when seeking employment. Although these accusations are worrisome, there are avenues of defense that may be effective to avoid a conviction or to mitigate the charges and reduce them. This is true for drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and prescription medications.

Consulting with an experienced legal professional may be imperative

The man who was arrested should understand his rights and take the necessary steps to address these drug charges.  It is possible that there were flaws with the investigation, the evidence is questionable or he was wrongfully charged. Being within 1,000 feet of a school can result in felony charges, so it is wise to prepare a defense as soon as possible. Before doing or saying anything that can make the situation more challenging, consulting with legal professionals experienced with helping people accused of drug crimes is imperative.