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Domestic violence basics in Oregon

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Domestic violence is a serious legal matter that can have criminal and family law repercussions. It involves accusations between individuals who are or who have been in relationships and claims of specific and allegedly dangerous conduct. When an Oregon resident is accused of committing domestic violence, they can face significant legal sanctions in addition to losses in their personal and professional lives.

Specific details about domestic violence in Oregon are provided in this post. This post does not, though, offer any legal advice. Help with domestic violence charges can be directed to compassionate criminal defense attorneys.

The relationships through which domestic violence can be alleged

Domestic violence is a type of violence specific to intimate relationships. As such, it can only be alleged when particular relationships exist between alleged aggressors and alleged victims. Some of those relationship include:

  • Married or formerly married people
  • Adult blood or adoption relatives
  • Cohabitants or former cohabitants
  • Individuals who share children
  • Individuals and some past sexual partners

Domestic violence happens between adults. Allegations of violence involving children is addressed through different legal avenues.

The consequences of a domestic violence claim

Any allegation of violence against another person may be met with serious and strict legal sanctions. Individuals who are charged with committing domestic violence can face arrest and conviction for their alleged crimes. The penalties associated with domestic violence convictions can include time in jail as well as fines.

Individuals accused of domestic violence may be served with restraining orders that limit them from contacting their loved ones and having communications with their kids. Accusations of domestic violence can filter out of homes and impact the reputations of those who have been accused, creating stress and challenges in their lives. There are many ways that domestic violence charges can impact a person’s life, and those facing these challenges can contact their trusted criminal defense attorneys.