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What to know if you are falsely accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

It is not unusual for couples or family members who live together in Portland to argue from time to time. While sometimes these arguments are minor and are resolved after the parties have a conversation, sometimes things escalate. When one person starts to claim the other person has gotten physical in an argument, it can lead to domestic violence charges.

However, what if such allegations are false and the accused never laid a hand on the person claiming abuse? The following is some important information a person falsely accused of domestic violence should know.

The Violence Against Women Act

While it is entirely possible for a man to be the victim of domestic abuse, the term “abuse” includes acts other than physical violence. Harassment, interfering with a person’s liberty and intimidating a dependent also fall under the definition of abuse. For example, blocking the door, screaming at the party claiming abuse or even touching the person claiming abuse can all be considered domestic violence

Orders of protection

A person who alleges domestic abuse may be able to go to court to obtain an order of protection. In general, this means the accused cannot contact the person alleging domestic abuse or their children, the accused must stay away from the place the person alleging domestic violence works and where their children go to school. The accused may even have to leave the family home. A violation of an order of protection could lead to criminal charges, fines and jail time.

Seek help if you are accused of domestic violence

Ultimately, accusations of domestic violence can cost you your freedom, as well as access to your children. It is important to fight such charges. By establishing a solid defense strategy, you may be able to clear your name and avoid the consequences a conviction on domestic violence charges would bring.