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Alleged drunk driver kills pedestrian on New Year’s Eve

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

New Year’s Eve may be the most dangerous evening of the year for persons who are driving. The most obvious danger is other drivers who may have consumed too much alcohol or other substances that interfere with the reflexes necessary to driving safely. Pedestrians face a similar risk, especially if they fail to observe safety zone markings. All of these factors came together on New Year’s Eve in south Portland when an allegedly intoxicated driver killed a pedestrian.

The accident

The driver was heading south on Southeast 122nd Avenue when he struck a woman crossing the street. Police stated that the pedestrian was walking outside of the designated crosswalk when she was hit. Her injuries were very severe, and she died at the scene.

The driver remained at the scene, and police determined from his behavior that he was impaired. He was later arrested and charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants. Other charges may be made after police confer with the prosecutor’s office.

The driver’s background

The driver has had his driving privileges suspended on several occasions after he was convicted or pleaded guilty to violations that included leaving the scene of a car accident and fleeing the police.

Now what?

The defendant in this case is still entitled to be presumed innocent unless and until he is proven guilty by evidence that leaves no reasonable doubt about his guilt. Anyone facing similar criminal DUI charges may find value in consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can evaluate the prosecution’s evidence, suggest legal defenses to the charges and, where appropriate, assist in negotiating an acceptable plea agreement with the prosecutor.