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A look at domestic violence charges in Oregon

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Domestic violence charges can be significant for those facing them. The penalties and consequences of domestic violence charges can include that the accused individual must stay away from their home and family members. For that reason, anyone who has been accused of committing domestic violence should be familiar with what it refers to and how they can defend themselves when necessary.

Who can domestic violence charges apply to?

Domestic violence charges are based on certain acts that are alleged to have occurred between family or household members. This status between the parties can result in domestic violence charges. By definition, family and household members refers to:

  • Spouses;
  • Former spouses;
  • Adults who are related by blood, marriage or adoption;
  • Individuals who are living together or have previously lived together;
  • Individuals who have been involved in a sexually intimate relationship with the previous two years; or
  • Unmarried parents of a child.

When an arrest in made

In Oregon, an accused individual can be the subject of a mandatory arrest for domestic violence. When a police officer responds to a call of a domestic disturbance and has probable cause to believe that an assault has occurred between family or household members, the officer will arrest the accused individual. Because of this, accused individuals need to be familiar with their criminal defense when they are facing domestic violence charges.

Domestic violence is a serious concern for anyone impacted by it. There are legal resources available to any individual faced with a domestic violence situation or domestic violence charges which are legal resources accused individuals should be familiar with.