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The power of writ

By United States law, every citizen has the right to a free and fair trial. Yet you may have had your day in court and felt that your attorney made mistakes when defending you. Or you may have faced a judge who presided with partiality, determined to rule against you...

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How to appeal a conviction

A person who is found guilty in a criminal or liable for damages in a civil case may have the right to appeal a judge or jury's decision. Generally speaking, an individual will have 10 days to appeal a criminal conviction and 30 days to appeal a decision in a civil...

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Oregon narcotics sweep leads to 25 arrests

More than two dozen individuals were taken into custody in Oregon on Jan. 15 when law enforcement personnel executed search warrants in Crabtree. Deputies were supported by SWAT teams during the two operations according to media reports. Nine women and 16 men face...

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Appeals helpful in overturning convictions

Those convicted of a crime in Oregon may wonder what the next step is in the criminal defense process. Many people choose to appeal the final judgment in a lower court to the next higher court. This first appeal is a right guaranteed in the Constitution, and those who...

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