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Drunk Driving

Requirements for field sobriety tests

Drunk driving charges oftentimes rely on field sobriety tests which is why it is important that they are reliable. There are three different types of field sobriety tests recognized by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). They must be...

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Requirements for a breathalyzer test

Breathalyzer test requirements are important for accused drivers to be familiar with. If a breathalyzer test does not meet certain requirements, the results of the breathalyzer test may not be considered reliable which can impact the drunk driving charges against the...

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Ways to defend against DUI charges

Being faced with DUI charges can be alarming and overwhelming for accused drivers. There are different protections accused drivers have and different defense options they can consider that they should be familiar with. DUI defense options Different DUI defense options...

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Serious penalties for Oregon DUI crimes

An arrest based on suspected drunk driving can be both stressful and costly to an Oregon resident. While they may understand that their charges are serious, they may not be familiar with the penalties that they can face if they are convicted. This post introduces some...

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