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Oregon liberalizes its drug laws

On election day, Oregon voters approved measures that will make its drug laws the most liberal in the nation. Reform ballot measures now allow the use of psilocybin mushrooms in therapy and reform drug crimes by decriminalizing possession of small amounts of drugs....

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Faked evidence can complicate a trial

Oregon criminal defendants face a growing threat in the form of deepfakes. Those who spend time on Twitter and Facebook are well familiar with the quality of fake recordings. They have improved to the point where the viewer, often, cannot tell the real from the fake....

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The different types of plea bargains

At some point in nearly every Oregon criminal case, the government and the defendant will explore the possibility of a plea bargain. The truth is that very few cases will ultimately proceed all the way to a trial. Thus, defendants need to familiarize themselves with...

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The elements of a false statement

Individuals in Oregon and throughout the country who intentionally make false statements to federal officials are likely committing a felony offense. Individuals who knowingly create or use documents containing false information to deceive the government could also be...

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The problem with breathalyzers

Nobody should drink and drink, but we would all be fools not to admit that many people do drink while intoxicated. Sometimes the driver only had a couple of drinks and paired it with a meal and a glass of water. Other times the driver had few happy hour drinks without...

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