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Man suspected of DUI facing charges following fatality

Many people heard it from their parents when they first got behind the wheel, "Driving is a privilege." However, this statement could not ring truer to everyone, regardless of their age or experience with driving in Oregon. People who engage in dangerous, reckless, careless or irresponsible behavior while behind the wheel are instantly endangering their life, the lives of their passengers and the lives of other motorists and pedestrians around them. 

Field sobriety testing in Oregon

Many of those that come to us here at the office of David J. Celuch following a DUI arrest in Portland say that they were surprised how their encounters with law enforcement played out. You might assume that a DUI stop consists of a simple breath test measurement and then your arrest or release (depending on the results of that test). However, before arresting you for DUI, officials must first have probable cause to suspect that you are indeed intoxicated. That probable cause often comes from observations made during field sobriety tests. 

The results of taking a field sobriety test and of refusing it

Oregon law enforcement officers cannot just pull drivers over, order them to walk in a straight line, wave a flashlight back in forth in front of their faces, and determine that they are drunk. The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests must be administered in a certain way to be admissible as evidence in court. 

When a DUII is a felony

Oregon law enforcement pulls over a vehicle that is weaving between lanes, and an officer discovers that the driver is intoxicated. The prosecutor charges the driver with driving while under the influence of intoxicants, and the judge issues a conviction. According to the Oregon Revised Statute 813.010, in many cases, this is a Class A misdemeanor conviction. However, sometimes it is a Class C felony. 

Enhanced patrols watching for impaired Oregon drivers in August

Because alcohol metabolizes in the body at different rates, a person who feels fine may get behind the wheel only to become increasingly impaired. Law enforcement in Oregon watches for weaving, inconsistent speeds and other signs that a driver is not in full control of the vehicle. How well the authorities are able to enforce DUII laws often depends on issues such as traffic, budgets and how many officers are available.

Alleged DUI crash kills 5-year old

Few (if any) people in Portland go out thinking that they will end up attempting to drive drunk. Yet oftentimes, they may place themselves in situations where they feel as though they have no choice. There may be no malice intended in their actions; rather, they may simply be looking to return home safely. Unfortunately, whatever level of impairment they may be experiencing may not make that possible. The hope, then, is that if they are involved in an accident, no one else suffers due their decisions. 

A closer look at license revocation and reinstatement

When people in Oregon get behind the wheel, they are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their passengers and other motorists. Their committment to driving safely can help them prevent unnecessary accidents from happening due to recklessness, carelessness, distraction or fatigue. However, in circumstances where people fail to make appropriate and responsible decisions while driving, their privilege could be swiftly revoked until they can demonstrate that they have changed and paid the consequences for their irresponsible behavior. 

Facing DUI charges during a custody dispute

Our law office knows that parents face many challenges and there are certain experiences that can be especially tough, such as working through a dispute over the custody of your child. Unfortunately, additional hardships may arise during this time, such as drunk driving charges, which can be detrimental with regard to your case and may hurt your ability to spend time with your child. As a result, it is crucial for you to look into your different options and do your best to present your case well since so much is at stake.

Memorial Day weekend and DUI charges

People find themselves accused of driving under the influence at all times of year, but there are certain occasions when these charges are more likely, such as during a holiday weekend. With Memorial Day weekend around the corner, many people are planning on celebrating with friends and relatives. Sometimes, these celebrations involve alcohol, which can increase the likelihood of someone getting behind the wheel intoxicated (even accidentally, in some instances). Unfortunately, drunk driving carries harsh consequences that can have a long-term impact on those charged with this offense and their loved ones.

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