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Understanding what a vacated conviction means for you

If you have been convicted of a crime in Oregon, your punishment and the sentence you are required to serve will vary drastically depending on the nature of your offense and the conditions surrounding it. Once you have paid your dues, you face an uncertain future as you work toward regaining your independence and living your life outside of prison. At David J. Celuch, we have helped many convicted criminals to work past their crimes to have the best opportunity at living a successful life. 

When witnesses change their minds

Although you have a right to a fair trial in the Oregon court system, there are a number of things that could interfere with your rights and lead to an unfair judgment. At the David J. Celuch law firm, we understand that post-conviction relief may be available to a defendant when a witness recants his or her testimony after the conviction.

Differences between post-conviction relief and an appeal

At the law firm of David J. Celuch, we often advise clients who have been through the criminal justice system and did not receive fair treatment. You may be able to file a petition for post-conviction relief even if you have already gone through the appellate court and lost your appeal.

Clearing your criminal record through expungement

If you are worried about how your criminal record will affect your life in Oregon, you may have done some research on expungements in hopes of reducing some of the long-term consequences. At the law firm of David J. Celuch, we understand that although applying for an expungement can be complex, for many people it is a life-changer.

What can you do to adjust to life after prison?

You have just been released from prison and are now facing an uncertain future as you readjust to life. While serving your prison term, you made new goals for yourself and have committed to living a successful life in Oregon. Fortunately, there are things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance at living a successful life and putting your criminal past behind you for good. 

What is a writ of habeas corpus?

If you have been arrested and are currently in prison in Oregon, you may believe that you are there unlawfully. However, as FindLaw explains, because the judge has not ruled in your case, you cannot appeal. You may still have an option for challenging the legality of your imprisonment through a writ of habeas corpus.

Man exonerated after serving 45 years in prison

When someone is convicted of a crime in Oregon, depending on the severity of the situation, he or she may be able to appeal. In successful cases, individuals who have been previously charged with a crime may be able to have their actions expunged. If they are serving in prison, they may be exonerated and able to live life freely. However, in these types of situations, it can be difficult for people who have been previously convicted to resume living life normally without facing intense ridicule from others. 

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