College Student Crimes

Portland college campuses are fraught with temptation. With newly acquired freedom, students find themselves in situations that can frequently turn illegal. When authorities show up, they can be charged with offenses that can result in jail time and criminal records in addition to administration questioning a student’s enrollment.

When a student’s bright future for which he or she has worked so hard can be destroyed due to seemingly minor criminal offenses, it’s important to look toward an attorney who will bring creativity to the table in an effort to mitigate the severity of charges or even work toward an outright acquittal.

I’m ready to bring my 15-plus years of experience to work on any type of college criminal offense, including:

Alcohol and DUI-related offenses: These types of routinely investigated offenses will not result in expulsion, but they can be in violation of school policy. A DUI can result in a license revocation of more than a year.

Drug offenses: Colleges are getting more and more serious about drug offenses. They consider them to be a security issue for students and if a student is caught in possession of a large amount or attempting to distribute, it can affect enrollment and have the associated criminal consequences.

Assault: Assault is a typical college problem. One group starts talking to another group of people at a bar and all of a sudden a fight breaks out. By being at the wrong place at the wrong time, a student is all of a sudden being taken to jail. This can be a serious enrollment problem and is subject to criminal issues.

I have been involved in the internal discipline process within colleges before and have the experience to work with out-of-state students and their families. It’s worth noting that if any of these offenses fall under Oregon’s Measure 11 minimum sentencing guidelines, they become much more severe. The power of an experienced lawyer on your side can be a make or break asset in your child’s future. Please reach out as soon as possible.

To discuss any aspect of college student crimes in a free initial consultation, call 503-388-4325 or send me an e-mail.