Criminal Appeals

You were charged with a crime in an Oregon criminal court and your case didn’t go well.

  • You had a bad ruling from the judge
  • The court allowed evidence that should not have been allowed
  • Evidence against you was gathered illegally, in violation of your rights
  • The judge wouldn’t let your lawyer provide all the evidence needed to argue your case so the jury didn’t get the whole story

If any of these things happened during your criminal trial, you may be able to appeal your criminal conviction.

I’m criminal appeals lawyer David J. Celuch. For more than a decade I’ve been fighting to protect the rights of people accused of crimes in Oregon criminal courts. I have brought many successful appeals in Oregon. Judges and prosecutors know me and they know my work.

I’m thorough, aggressive, energetic and dedicated. I’m not afraid to take a creative or novel approach to a case if that’s what is needed to get a good outcome for my client. Ask me about some of the criminal appeals I’ve handled or take a look at the court opinions yourself to see the results of my appellate work.

  • State v. Vondehn
  • Datt v. Hill
  • State v. Jackson
  • Gable v. State

There may be an opportunity to fix the mistakes the court made the first time it heard your case. Contact me by e-mail or call 503-388-4325 to schedule a free initial consultation.

I will listen to your complaints and can give you an idea of whether your rights may have been violated during your first trial. I can scrutinize the court documents looking for problems in your trial that we can now appeal.

The U.S. Constitution Guarantees You a Fair Trial

If you didn’t receive a fair trial the first time, you have a right to appeal.

  • If your lawyer objected to actions of the other attorney or court during the trial but none of those objections was sustained, that is a good place to start reviewing your case.
  • If the jury didn’t get to hear your evidence, that’s another opportunity for review.

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