Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a legal order that states that a spouse, family member or person in a romantic relationship must avoid contact with the party who requested the order.

Before the Oregon courts grant a restraining order, it needs to be established that something has put the requesting party in fear for his or her physical well-being. This may involve a history of domestic violence or a physical threat. It must be something that puts the requesting party in fear of imminent physical abuse.

If someone is trying to set up a restraining order against you, he or she has to make a showing that the fear is realistic. Anyone can claim fear, but they have to prove that you are in a position to cause them harm.

Similarly, if you feel like you are being threatened by someone, you also have rights. If he or she makes you think he or she is going to harm you (stopping by to see you all the time, if he or she has access to weapons, etc.), you may be able to set up a restraining order.

If a restraining order is granted, the person against who it is granted must avoid contact with the requester for a full year. At the end of that year, the order will lapse and if the person still feels threatened, he or she can get an extension.

In either case, the experience of a dedicated attorney is often the ideal solution.

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