Stalking and Stalking Protection Orders

For you to be accused of stalking, the party who claims that you’ve been stalking him or her doesn’t need to get a stalking protection order first to have you charged with the crime. If you’re having repeated and unwanted contact with another person, he or she can go to the police and have you arrested.

According to the Portland statute, if you’re alarming or coercing the person or a member of his or her family or repeatedly coming into reasonably alarming contact, and he or she doesn’t want it, it’s possible for him or her to go to the police and have you arrested. These crimes can be charged exclusively on one party’s word. It is a misdemeanor for a first-time offense and a felony if it has happened before.

As with many other crimes, it’s important to examine the motive and find out if the party who is accusing you of stalking has reason to say things against you that aren’t true or are exaggerated.

While restraining orders involve people in an intimate or familial relationship, stalking protection orders involve strangers. Because the requester doesn’t need to have a personal relationship with the alleged stalker, these crimes can be very frivolously accused.

Unlike a restraining order, stalking protection orders are for life and can bar you from owning firearms. Once it is in place, if you come into further contact with the person, the crime of stalking can be charged against you. If you come into contact with the person, you are supposed to leave immediately, and this can be true of any location, including work, which can present serious problems.

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