Biometric Suspensions

Recently in Oregon, the DMV has begun using new biometric software. When you apply for a new photo and driver’s license, they run your facial features through every record in their system. If your facial features match a different license, you will get a notice that they believe you applied for a license under a different name and it is their intention to suspend your driving privileges. To make matters worse, there’s no statute of limitations. So if they run it and they find out that it was a record from 10 years ago, they will still go for this proposed suspension.

While it isn’t a criminal offense, the driver’s license suspension is a year long and can pose obvious problems to personal and professional life.

Fortunately, you can fend this charge off in a DMV hearing and prove to the DMV that you didn’t knowingly do this. In order to do so, however, it’s important to partner with an attorney who knows how to work on these types of unique cases.

Portland Biometric Suspensions Lawyer

I’m one of the only attorneys in Oregon handling biometric suspension cases, and I’m able to bring my creativity and comprehensive knowledge of the process to do everything possible to help you retain your license. It’s always my goal to really look at the DMV records. Some of the cases are so old, they don’t even have the original application any more. If they can’t produce a document that has your signature, your license can’t be suspended. My skill lies in looking into the “nitty-gritty” of the documents and paying attention to the details. Just because they have your picture associated with someone else’s name doesn’t mean that they can suspend your license.

I understand the issues to lifestyle and vocation that a suspension like this can have, and I’m committed to do everything possible to help you retain your license.

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