First-Time DUI Defense & Diversion

Being charged with drunk driving for the first time can be a very frightening ordeal. If convicted, you may face jail time, license revocation, large fines, and other penalties. As soon as you are arrested, it is important to start thinking about your next steps — which should include talking to an experienced defense attorney.

I am attorney David J. Celuch, and I have more than 15 years of experience defending clients charged with DUI. I will work to explore all possible defense options on your behalf. I will also help you determine if entering into a DUI diversion program is a possibility for you. Find out more about this program below, or contact a Portland first-offense DUI attorney online to schedule a free consultation.

How DUI Diversion Works

Individuals who have never been arrested for drunk driving before may qualify for a diversion program. If an individual pleads guilty or no contest to DUI charges and successfully completes the program, his or her case will be dismissed after a year. Specifically, the DUI diversion program involves these steps:

  • Payment of a court fee of $458
  • Alcohol evaluation at the county evaluator’s office
  • Completion of an alcohol treatment program
  • Participation in a victim’s impact panel

First-time offenders are eligible for DUI diversion under most circumstances. When you come to my law office for a free consultation, I can discuss your specific legal options and help you determine if you qualify.

If you begin the program and do not complete it, you will be sentenced. If you have further questions about the details of the program, I am happy to answer them.

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