Appeals From Post-Conviction Rulings

It’s important to note that if you lost in a post-conviction appeal, it isn’t your last step, so don’t lose hope.

It is possible to ask the next higher court to review the rulings that the post-conviction court has made.

If you want to appeal, you need to file a notice of appeal within 30 days of the post-conviction court’s decision. You need to show that the judge at the post-conviction hearing misapplied the law to the facts of your case.

Very commonly, judges are unwilling to say that the original attorney made mistakes in your defense or that the mistake that the attorney made prejudiced you, but the court of appeal allows for overriding the trial court’s opinion.

Undertaking this route, however, takes a great deal of specialized knowledge that many attorneys don’t possess. I do.

Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling Appeals From Post-Conviction Rulings

I’ve done dozens of these types of appeals, one of which went to the Supreme Court and obtained relief for my client at the highest level of law.

I’m ready to look at all facts to demonstrate that:

  • There was prosecutorial misconduct (the prosecutor acted illegally or unethically)
  • Witnesses recanted
  • There is evidence that wasn’t heard at your trial
  • Your lawyer was ineffective (ineffective assistance of counsel)
  • You were deprived of your constitutional rights during the trial and appeal

As mentioned above, it’s important not to lose hope and to understand all details involved in these cases. Failing to fully understand the nature of what took place in your trial can result in catastrophic consequences. I have the comprehensive knowledge to analyze your case and help you reach an ideal outcome. I encourage you to reach out.

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