Crimes Tied to Deportation

Recently the United States Supreme Court ruled that a criminal attorney has a duty to at least undertake basic research on the immigration consequences that a criminal conviction can have.

Unfortunately, many of them fail in that obligation.

In these cases, it is possible to pursue post-conviction relief by demonstrating that the only reason you are in your current position is because your attorney did not act as a reasonably competent attorney should have in the scenario and making a case that you deserve relief from convictions.

Making this case comes down to a two-pronged test (to determine incompetence):

  • Did your attorney give you all the information necessary to make a knowing, intelligent and voluntary decision to waive your rights and plead guilty to your charge?
  • If you had had competent representation, would you have made a different decision?

If you are able to demonstrate “yes” to both of these, you may be able to pursue post conviction relief. This area of law is a specialty area. There are not many practicing lawyers in Portland who are doing it on a regular basis and can provide the knowledge necessary to arrive at a best possible resolution.

Immigration and Criminal Law

Post-conviction relief is one of my areas of concentration. I have been involved in a precedent-setting case that went all the way to the Supreme Court where the meaning of the law was changed. I’m ready to work with you on any post-conviction relief case dealing with immigration issues.

My creative approach honed in 15 years of criminal law lends itself particularly well to these cases. It is one that has had substantial success in these types of cases, and I’m ready to apply it to yours.

To discuss any aspect of a crime tied to deportation in a free initial consultation, call 503-388-4325 or send me an e-mail.