Portland Expungements Lawyer

Wipe Your Criminal Record Clean

Imagine the difference it would make in your life if you could say honestly to prospective employers, other people in your community and your wife and kids that you have never been convicted of a crime in your life. This might be possible with an expungement. I can help.

As a Portland expungements attorney with 15 years of experience, I can help you wipe your record clean with an expungement. This option is available, with a few exceptions, for many areas of criminal law. From my Oregon law firm, I will handle your case discreetly and personally.

Common Expungement-Related Questions

Most of the people who sit down with me for their free initial consultation regarding expungements have the same three questions:

  • What is the effect of expungement? Expungement involves a motion to the court to set aside your criminal conviction. When your record is expunged, the conviction is set aside and wiped from your record so you can honestly say to people that you have never been convicted.
  • Do I qualify? The court is willing to grant expungements for most misdemeanors, including some drug-related crimes, and even some minor felonies. You cannot have most sex offense crimes and other Ballot Measure 11 crimes expunged.
  • What is required for an expungement? The process is simpler than most people realize, involving background checks, motions, affidavits and filings with the court. I can walk you through the process and handle all the legal issues that come up along the way.

We Can Help With Your Criminal Record

I make sure that I am your main point of contact throughout the course of representation. You will work with me, not my paralegals or assistants.

I work hard to keep my costs competitive, and I offer a free initial consultation. I can give you an accurate assessment of your legal situation and the time it will take for me to handle your case so there will be no surprises or hidden costs going forward.

Either call my office or send me an e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation.