Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenses can wreak havoc on a personal and professional life for years after a charge. Unfortunately, there are situations where supposed victims of these crimes will claim something and then later recant their statements for all sorts of reasons. It may be that they were young, it may be that they wanted attention or that they didn’t like someone.

When these types of issues come to light, they need special attention. DNA evidence, in particular, can be very important. Evidence that couldn’t be tested at the time of the proceeding may now be available and there may be different approaches that lead to a different result, if it can be demonstrated that genetic material that was left on the crime scene didn’t belong to you.

Sexual offenses in particular are difficult because people tend to think of them as he said/she said cases. You can be convicted based on another person’s testimony even if he or she can’t come up with physical evidence against you. Sometimes even when there was physical evidence, your attorney may not have been able to make the best use of it.

Portland Sexual Offense Lawyer

I’m ready to take my creative approach to post-conviction relief to look at several questions in these types of cases.

  • Did your attorney do something a reasonably competent attorney would not do?
  • Did your attorney’s mistake prejudice you in your decision?

I’m also able to work with a new provision in Oregon law that allows for requesting of DNA testing where the court grants a new trial.

I’m committed to doing everything possible to help you arrive at an ideal resolution in these types of cases. It gives me great fulfillment to do everything possible to vindicate the innocent, seek justice for the accused and protect people’s rights in the criminal justice system.

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