Vehicular Assault and Homicide

Vehicular assault and homicide are offenses treated extremely seriously by the Oregon courts. It’s important to realize that you don’t have to start out with the intent to hurt someone to get charged with vehicular assault/homicide. If it is classified as reckless behavior, the court can charge for assault, and depending on the severity of injury to the other person, you can get up to 70 months in prison, regardless of whether or not there was intent to cause injury.

In terms of manslaughter, if you are convicted of reckless indifference or criminal negligence, you can spend 90 months in prison. This can also be for a passenger of your vehicle.

When the stakes are this high, an experienced attorney cannot be overvalued.

Portland Fatal Car Accident Lawyer

I’m ready to take my 15-plus years of criminal experience to do whatever I can to look for ways to mitigate your charges if you are involved in a vehicular assault or homicide charge.

I always look at the underlying cause of the accident. Simple negligence is not enough to trigger these offenses. If your mind wanders for a second and then an accident happens that was not meant to happen, that doesn’t immediately mean that it is cause for an assault or manslaughter charge. The state has to prove that your conduct is worse than simple negligence.

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